ETS Stock MAF Air Intake Kit – Evo 8/9

ETS Stock MAF Air Intake Kit – Evo 8/9


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The ETS Air Intake Kit is a great modification for EVOs running the stock MAF. This kit eliminates the restrictive stock rubber intake pipe and filter, and replaces them with a high flowing 3″ intake tube, contoured velocity stack with 4.5″ filter inlet and genuine K+N air filter. By eliminating the rubber intake tube, we get rid of the restrictive 90 degree bend that causes turbulence right in front of the turbo inlet. With this bend gone and with a large radius 3″ inlet, the air now has a smooth, direct path into the turbocharger. This not only increases peak power, but reduces spool up time as well. This kit works with stock and aftermarket intercooler piping, and will work with all aftermarket BOV’s that fit the stock intake tube. Typical power gains are 10-20hp depending upon boost level and engine modifications.

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Turbo Inlet Size

2.5" (Stock), 3.0" (Aftermarket), 3.25" (Aftermarket)


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